Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fun in Krogers!

While Hailey was at her American Heritage Girls meeting, Sissy and I ran to the grocery store to do some shoppin'!
Here is Sissy as Shrek and Creepy Scream guy!


Proof that 2 monkeys live at my house!
Hailey has been teaching sissy how to climb in the hallway and she was soooo excited when she finally figured it out!

Look mom no hands!

"Ok Sissy do you get it?"

Not really sure if legs are suppose to bend like that!

She did eventually make it to the light!
Hailey was so proud!

Monday, October 18, 2010


The girls and and I just decided to stay in tonight and goof off at the house! I love those days!


creepy negative picture!
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My Alien child!

So you thought I had a big mouth before....

Like mother like daughter!
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The American Heritage Girls!

Just in case no one has heard of The American Heritage Girls, it is a christian based organization that is like the Girl Scouts but believe in God as a priority. It is for kids who are in grade school and what I love about it is that the older kids take the younger kids under their wing and help mentor them. Hailey and Sissy absolutely love it and even though sissy is only 4, they have included her in just about everything! The following pictures are of Hailey and all of the girls getting inducted into the group.

The candle represents the light that Hailey needs to be to the world who does not know God!
I so proud of her!!!

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The Pledge!

Of course there is a pledge that all members must say and live by and the part that I love about this one is their dedication to God, community and their country!

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Take it in and live it out!

The song "Take it in and Live it out" is one of the girl's favorite church songs. It just happens to be the one that the AHG are performing in a couple of weeks and Sissy wanted to go up and help lead the motions! I was so proud of her because if you know sissy she can be somewhat clingy to me! She had no problems doing this though!

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The pumpkin patch!

The American Heritage Girls!

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The barrell train!

Proof that a six foot woman can fit into a barrell car
(just in case you were wondering! lol)

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The Corn field maze!

This corn field was huge and took us 3 times to make it to the finish. There is a map posted right before you entered and it was still really hard.

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Pumpkin painting!

I was pretty proud of my masterpiece! And if you were wondering what the pink things on the top were they are pink flamingos.

Hailey concentrating!

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